Blending or Integrating?

As Castleberry ISD continues to expand it’s 1:1 student to computer ratio, the focus of professional development trainings continues to target how to infuse the use of these devices into learning activities. In this training, we will be looking specifically at the differences between blended learning and technology integration....
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Professional Development

Blended Learning and Technology Integration: What’s the Difference?

This training will be a little different. It will be self-paced and self-directed. Learning checkpoints will be given at the end of each section and requires you to pass each level before you can progress to the next. You will receive a badge for each level you pass. I...
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Professional Development

Responsible Use of Social Media When Using Twitter, Blogging, and Online Classrooms

  Did you fill out the questionnaire? If not, please click here: Responsible Use of Social Media Agenda #smile (Social Media in Learning & Education) 8:30 – 9:15 : Intro’s and Back channeling w/ GoSoapBox Click on the following link GoSoapBox; Answer the Introduce Yourself Discussion topic Ensure you can log...
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