I’m seeing a trend. The trend is lack of classroom management ideas when it comes to technology in the classroom. I think it might be less about teachers NOT wanting to use tech, but more about them NOT knowing how to effectively manage it in the classroom. I get that. I had the luxury (some may not call it that) of teaching in a computer lab. If I didn’t figure out how to manage the tech use, my instruction wasn’t going to go very far and the students would ultimately suffer. It took several years for me to get it down. We are kind of thrusting tech into teachers’ classrooms and expecting them to already know how to manage it. Often, you have green teachers who are just barely learning how to manage a class, period, without the additional component of electronic devices. I would bet it’s pretty daunting.

Here’s an article that gives over 30 different tips on how to manage technology in the classroom, Managing Technology:┬áTips from the Experts